Friday, September 11, 2009

Nice Progress

I've been working on de-cluttering since the kids were here. Soon after they left I was able to get my kitchen counter organized. Yay!!
Has it stayed that way? Well, not exactly, but it's much more functional than it was. I like it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kirsten Turns 40!!!

After weeks (make that MONTHS) of eager anticipation, the big day finally arrived: Kirsten's 40th birthday. Dad ordered a cake for her and picked it up last night.By this morning she was so excited that she gave herself a headache. I had her drink a nice big glass of water. That usually helps.Button up. It's cold outside. Birthdays are so fun, and SO exciting!…or not
SMILE KIRSTEN! That's Better.
Her able-bodied assistant carried THE cake out to the bus. Kirsten moved too fast, and there are too many trees for me to get a good picture. But the cake really did make it on the bus, and so did Kirsten. We also contributed a bag of donuts for the people on the bus, because they wouldn't be having cake.When Kirsten came home, she was very excited to tell Betsey about her day at school. Yes, everyone was excited about her birthday, and they enjoyed eating cake…But they didn't sing Happy Birthday……and that was sad.So after we took her out to eat, we came home and, sang to her. Here's Betsey Singing.All of her other siblings called to sing to her also. So she was well sung to today! All of the little kids participated too. As Helena and Doug sang, Kate said she wanted to sing like a horse, so she sang "Neigh, neigh, neiiiiiiigh, neigh, neigh, neigh…" along with them. Andy contributed by making a noise. Elizabeth sang along with Peter and Karen and also very clearly said "Happy Birthday." (she's 20 months old.) When Barb and Kyle sang, Hazel enthusiastically smiled and held her arms up. Everyone got in the act. It was fun listening to them.Then Kirsten opened her presents. She wanted to get her pj's on first. She had a big day, so she was pretty sleepy by then. Good night Kirsten. Happy Birthday!!!!