Friday, October 30, 2009

New Floors--Quickie Overview

Thanks to Barbie's comment I realized that I can post a few pictures of the new floors without telling the whole story. Here is our new hall bathroom floor.
Here's the Yellow bathroom: And a close up of the tile…
Here's the torn-apart kitchen with the new plywood base.
New tile in place, but not grouted. And here is moving the stove back in. It lived on the deck for a few days, covered in plastic. The floor is the same as the hall bathroom.More to come…


I just downloaded 357 pictures, SO I have a lot of catching up to do. No, I'm not going to post that many pictures but I'll give a representative sampling. A lot of stuff has been going on. I'm going to post what's easiest, and most fun, for me.

On September 11 we flew our little flags. Jim, the Engineer, even figured out how to put one on the mailbox post. :D

I was especially glad that day because our Gerbera Daisy was actually blooming. It had flowers on it when it was first planted, but then didn't bloom again for months. I read that they won't bloom if planted too deep, so I thought that was probably the problem. Just as an experiment, though, I tried watering it with banana peel water fertilizer. A year ago I started experimenting with soaking banana peels in water for a couple of days and using that as fertilizer. Here's a link about what happened last year. This time I put one banana peel in a peanut butter jar, filled it with water and let it set for two days. Then Jim poured the water into a two-gallon sprinkling can and filled the rest with water. He then watered two gerbera daisys, and a dogwood tree that hadn't set any buds yet. SUCCESS! Both daisys started blooming in two or three weeks, and the dogwood tree also produced some buds. I love it when an experiment works.

Once it got going, the daisy had five blooms all at once.