Sunday, January 20, 2008

Before and After

Karen wasn't very comfortable here.

This is SO much nicer!

For more pictures of Elizabeth, see below.


Jill said...

What lovely pictures! When will you post some of you when you were pregnant?? I'd love to see more pictures of you, Kathey.

Kathey said...

Hi Jill,

Me pregnant? That's ancient history. I'm sure there are a few somewhere, but I'm sure there were not many. I'll give it some thought.

We recently got a digital camera, so more pictures should be forthcoming-- even more of me! At this point I don't know how to get pictures from camera to blog, but that will come. Just today I learned to show more than one picture at a time in the same post, so I'm really making progress!


Helena said...

I think you should post that picture of you with the baby rabbit. I love that picture. I need to get a copy. Or paint it or something.

Kathey said...

Hi Helena,

I love that picture too. I wonder where it is? Any suggestions?

Barb said...

I haven't even seen a picture of Mom pregnant, or seen her pregnant at all because I was last!